Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Latest Read: Molly Wizenberg, How I Love Thee

I didn’t think it was possible to love Molly Wizenberg any more than I did before. But I do. I just finished her new book Delancey: A Man, A Woman, A Restaurant,A Marriage. I couldn’t believe my luck getting it from the library so quickly. It was released on Tuesday with a waiting list of over forty people, but by Saturday it was wine. My guess is that the peeps at my library know a good book when they see it and bought multiple copies to keep up with the demand.

Anyway, Delancey is a memoir about the early years of Wizenbergs marriage during which she and her husband, Brandon, opened an upscale pizza restaurant called, well, Delancey. This is not just a book about the restaurant or food. It’s also about finding your way in the early stages of marriage and building a strong foundation on which your marriage can grow. I found myself rooting for Molly and Brandon and cheering at the end when Delancey finds its feet and is a rousing success. The food also sounds dee-lic-ous. It makes me want to jump on a plane to Seattle just to eat there. If anyone is looking for a quick, yummy read, this is it!

In other news, remember that book I published about a year ago? Well, it’s won an award. Last month
TheNever King won the Independent Publishers of New England award for Best Genre Fiction. I guess I should finally figure out how the market it now, huh?

I also ran (and sometimes walked) a 5k on Mother’s Day. After a serious ankle injury at the beginning of April and an adulthood of wanting to run a 5k and not doing it, this was a huge deal for me. I feel inspired to finally get in shape and joined my local Koko Fit Club. They are running a special deal for the summer and it looks like the program will provide the hand holding I need to kick start my fitness routine. According to their measurements I’ve already gained 1.2lbs of lean muscle – woo hoo! Although  I weigh more than when I started Koko (thanks to muscle weighing more than fat) I look smaller and my clothes are fitting better, so I’m going with it.

I’ve also been pinning recipes like mad to Pinterest. And I’ve fallen in love with Stitch Fix. I also have to say that the whole "Concious Uncoupling" thing has left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Gwyneth Paltrow. 

I’m back in the blogging groove so look for upcoming posts about the boatload of books I’m picking up from the library this afternoon, grill recipes now that nice weather has arrive in New England, my next fix from Stitch Fix and my trials and triumphs getting rid of the baby weight I’ve been carrying around for the last five years. Am I still allowed to call it baby weight given that my youngest will be six this year?

What have you been up to?

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