Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Can Working Moms Have It All Or Have We Lost Our Minds?

Hello again! I am so sorry its been so long since my last post. I started this blog hoping to post twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays) but you can see how that’s gone! The last week and a bit have been completely crazy. Which has led me to the question  - can working moms really have it all or are we completely insane?

The past week or so has had me in a constant state of feeling like my brain is going to explode. A fiscal quarter ended at work which means I am putting out fires all day, every day as we try to close the quarter. I feel like I don’t get a moment to think.  And I had to leave work early during all of this to attend Jake’s parent/teacher conference and to pick up Ben early from preschool when he was sick on a different day. Jake started Spring soccer which means playing on two leagues, coordinating shuttling him to the practices and games that go with each and finishing up the Winter league which overlaps for a couple of weeks. I had to wrap up the fundraiser for Bens preschool that I agreed to chair. The Never King got some attention that I should have addressed and will, but I’m already behind. The Scotsman suggested I start another blog that includes comprehensive a list of of kid friendly convenience foods that I consider “real food” (see previous post) to make it easier for like-minded parents to shop without having to double the time it takes them in the grocery due to label reading. A great idea and I appreciate his support, but with what time? There was also laundry to be done, dinner to be cooked, and children to be played with. Oh – and blog posts to be written and "binder recipes" (see two posts ago) to try. And last week my seasonal allergies were in full force so I did all of the above (or worried about the fact that I didn’t get to a lot of the above) in a Benadryl-induced fog.

So that leaves me with today’s (lame) post and the question: am I crazy to think I can do it all? Am I putting too much pressure on myself? I want to work at my day job , make The Never King and The Bedwyr Press a success, be involved in Jake and Bens schools and after school activities, have a clean house, clean clothes and a good meal on the table. But is it possible to do all this or do I have to make compromises with myself? Or should I just shut up and stop whining because I know I’m very blessed? Anyone else feel this way?

I did manage to work in a little reading during all of this. Coming up I have thoughts on Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks, Gwyneth Paltrows new cookbook (don’t judge) and a cookbook by an author I “met” on an online forum. I’m also looking for my next good read – any suggestions?


  1. I think it's possible to "do it all" -- but not without help! For example, you probably have some paid childcare while you're working? For me right now, it's paying a company to come in a clean the house once every two weeks, and paying a neighbor kid to mow the lawn in the summers. With my husband also working full time AND in grad school, we just have to give ourselves a break and say that spending family time on the weekends is more important than cleaning or mowing - and worth the money we pay someone else to do it! (PS - I hear Gwynnie's cookbook is actually supposed to be very good!)

  2. Yes, I have paid childcare while I’m working, at least for four-year-old Ben. Jake’s “childcare” comes in the form of the 1st Grade and my local elementary school :-) And you’re right, it can be done but not without help. In my case, I need to learn to ask for help. I admit I’m a bit Type-A and have trouble delegating but I probably would be a lot let stressed if I let others do things for me. It's something I need to work on. And getting someone to clean the house a couple times a month is not a bad idea at all. Now to convince The Scotsman…..

    And yes, Gwinnie’s book is quite good (both of them, actually!). But I know from experience that there are a lot of Gwynnie-bashers out there who don’t want to hear the nice things I’m going to say about her book simply because its hers. I’m not her biggest fan and I tend to stay away from celebrity cookbooks in general, but the woman knows her way around the kitchen!

    Good luck to your husband in grad school – any working parent who takes on something like grad school is my hero!


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